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The name is inspired by an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called Time Squared (S02E13). In it, the crew discusses a “theory of the Moebius” where time becomes a loop. Samples from that scene were used in the 1993 song “Moebius” by Orbital.

Although we appreciate the designs being popular with kids, our intended audience for Mobius Theory clothing and products is adults.

We do try to stock Extra Small sizes as much as possible to accommodate those that might have outgrown Kids or Toddler sizes.

Yes! Some of the iconic Mobius Theory cat-in-a-circle designs are inspired by the cats in our family. But we like to say that once you go home with a shirt or other product that has Dexter or Bubo on them, they take on a life of their own and become your cats.

Sure! Email us and we’ll talk about it.

We sometimes offer special color options and shirt styles not normally in our store. You’ll have to watch out for a pre-order event that we mention via our newsletter, as well as on our Instagram account.

Our shirts are printed in the United States using garments whose factories utilize sweatshop-free factories, use responsible sourcing, have fair labor practices, and uphold high retail quality standards in their manufacturing.

Most of our shirts are printed on Bella+Canvas and Next Level garments. These companies employ sweatshop-free factories in the United States and in Central America that adhere to their (and our) standards for fair labor.

Our shirts are lovingly screen printed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

mobius theory wordmark

Mobius Theory operates in a laboratory located in the hills of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Mobius Theory company designs and sells various original products, hosts its own podcast and events, and publishes a self-titled magazine.

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