It's Dangerous To Go Alone!

Your adventures out on the Internet can be difficult. Even if you know a lot of the basics, it's nice to have a sidekick or two. A fellow player who has some good tools to hand you when you just when you need them.

Things like traffic analysis, SEO, and the ever changing guidelines for Facebook are a lot to manage when you're also trying to create content and manage the things that only you can do. And when it all comes at you so quickly, all you wish for is a magic sword to make a lot of this work easier.


Who Are You?

You are a little different. Maybe a little crazy. You'd have to be to go it alone and make a living on your own terms, or put yourself out there on the Internet and try to get noticed. And you didn't come all this way to be bossed around, or have your time wasted putting up with a bunch of business jargon.

Who Are We?

We are a self-employed cat-loving couple that share the same taste for adventure and creativity. We also like to keep things simple. We both spent many years working for other companies and institutions, and our combined experiences have made our own businesses stronger. We decided it was time to join forces and put our brains to work to help other ambitious bloggers and entrepreneurs. 


We Get It.

We probably come from very similar places. We know how much work goes into all this. Our goal is to save you some time and energy, so you can focus on the things you want to do.

We also aim to empower you with knowledge and up-to-date information on how to best use these ever-evolving tools--tools that are fundamental in getting your business going. 

Mobius Theory offers its own brand of creative design and social media strategy for people just like you!


Tell Us What You Need Help With.


SEO & Social Media

Reach your audience and boost engagement!


Logo & Graphic Design

Eye-catching designs for branding and products!

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Technology Coaching

No question is too simple. Feel empowered to pave your way on the Internet!

Let your brand shine with portraits, food photography, and more!


We love conversation, and are passionate about making Memphis (and the world) a better place. That includes making the city and the businesses we love look dazzling out there.

If you have a project where you have a strong idea and simply want an artist to carry out a design, then we probably aren't the best fit for you. Our focus, and joy, is in the design thinking process, and that means working together to brainstorm and build something new and exciting. 

Contact us if you want to know more about how we work, and what to expect. We will be happy to discuss any project in detail via phone, Skype, Facetime, email, or in person! Although we help clients remotely all over the galaxy, we are local to the Memphis area and love talking face to face.


Social Media Strategy

We stay very current with the latest trends and changes in the land of social media. We can tailor an approach that will work with your goals, and help manage your profiles to save you time and frustration. We can help with content building, scheduling, and growth. And we'll always tell you why you should do something, so you're not left in the dark.

If you feel stuck or limited by your "reach", sometimes a new, fresh perspective is important to get your social network train moving again. We can take a look at what you have done and suggest ways to move forward.

We can also go further and empower you with effective tools that will help you learn about the different platforms, and how to use them to your advantage. These sessions are personalized for you and your business needs.

1 hour call + custom plan: $150


Search Engine Optimization

SEO. The scariest three letters on the Internet. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Search Engine Optimization is a big deal. It's time consuming and usually pretty grueling work. The tech industry has made over a TRILLION dollars on this little concept, so don't take it personally if it's over your head, or something you wish you didn't have to deal with!

Let us work with you to optimize search engine results for your website and content. We'll also work with blog post and social media tweaks, traffic patterns, trends, meta-tags, permalinks, and even how to steer your content in a direction that will lead to the best results.

Consulting at $50/hour (or on a package basis--talk to us for details!)


Graphic Design

Your brand's logo is your face. It should be exceptionally unique to you and the message you want to convey. For this reason, it is very difficult to pick a graphic designer based on portfolio.

Personality Goes A Long Way.

Getting to know your designer is the first step in deciding if that person or group should work with you. And the same works for us. We want to make sure that we are a great fit. 

  • Logo Design: begins at $150
  • Promotional Images/Affiliate Banner Ad sets: $50 for sets of 4-5 images, $75 for full set of 8+ images
  • Business Card Design Package: starting at $100 (100 count)
  • Event Flyers: $50 and up 
  • Social Media packages for events: $50
  • Album artwork packages: beginning at $75

    Discounted bundles are always an option for any services.

Print & eBook Design

Fit to Print (or Kindle)

We have produced and published books that are then sold in PDF format, ePub, Kindle, and print books. The variety of options, and their pros and cons, can be overwhelming, so be sure you have a grasp on what you hope to accomplish before commencing any book project.

Whether it's a recipe book, worksheets for your course, or an opt-in for your mailing list, we can help. We can even do media kits.

Packages generally include cover and some promotional images. We are happy to talk about all these options, either via a quick chat, or by a more comprehensive consult (see below).

We also specialize in business cards, flyers & brochures. If it relates to your brand and is shown to the public, it is our job to make sure that image is kept clean and consistent across all media.

  • Business Card Design Package: starting at $100 (100 count)
  • Media Kits: $50
  • Complete Book packages begin at $300 including basic cover.
  • Larger bundles that include branding/logo for a project as well as promotional images and affiliate ads begin at $450.
  • Cookbook projects with similar branding and ads begin at $500.
  • Simple Giveaway eBook packages (such as an opt-in PDF or bonus book) range from $100-150 for layout.

We also offer bundles that include affiliate ad assets and social media marketing images.

Every design project is unique, and prices always fluctuate based on scale and scope. We try to be flexible. We are happy to talk through any project for the best solution--even if it's a referral to someone else!


Website Design

Your website is your home.

Your home may be a tiny house, or it may be a mansion on a corner lot. Or it could live out in the woods surrounded by nature. There is no wrong answer. The only constant should be that the house is recognizable as a house, and that it can be found easily. 

But that doesn't mean we can't experiment. 

There's common sense, and then there's generic templates. We believe in the former, and that drives our design more than sticking just your logo and content onto a few web pages. 

We specialize in building ground-up sites with the Squarespace platform. We are gurus at Squarespace customization and are a part of the Developers Platform. We are happy to discuss all the pros and cons of Squarespace via chat or phone call. 

While we do work with and help maintain Wordpress sites (via our Maintenance Plans mentioned below), full customization and development of a Wordpress site is not something we focus on. (However, we are happy to refer you to a few friends that are absolute wizards with it!)

We like to work in a "package" format when discussing website design projects. This means we help with everything from domain names, social media handles, and website services. We go over all this in our initial consultation. 

Our most popular plans are a Two Page site and a Four Page site. Our references to page count and website size have to do with complexity. We assist with setting up Google Analytics, blog structure, and social media connectivity. As a guide for where your site might fit into this pricing structure, take a look at the following examples:

  • TWO PAGE WEBSITE: $300 to $400. 
  • FOUR PAGE WEBSITE: $750 and includes blog setup, analytics, logo design and other website imagery assets.
  • A large site with a lot of existing content can be 12-16 pages or more, so these are priced accordingly.

Prices are listed to give you an idea, but as always, your project is unique, so we're always happy to talk about what you might need, and go from there!

Website Maintenance Plans

We also provide monthly maintenance plans for your website, whether it's one we built or not. We work with Squarespace and Wordpress sites, and help you keep the engine up to date and running smoothly.

We also monitor and report back with monthly visitor reports, social media and web advertising suggestions, and traffic analysis. We pride ourselves in delivering these reports in a narrative, jargon-free way that can help you understand where your visitors are coming from, how to get more of them, and some clues for capitalizing on current search trends.

Plans for single websites and basic analysis begin at $210 a month and increase based on site and work complexity. 

Maintenance plans are very limited as we only offer a few slots at any given time.



Photography and Portraits


Let your brand shine with Amanda's unique perspective. She is established with her own blog, as well as numerous cookbooks in circulation. Whether you need to focus on your food, your location, your staff, or even your pets, your image will benefit from her approach to photography!

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Technology Consulting

Andy has almost 20 years of experience in private and public sector technology support and has worked in a wide range of situations from small businesses to large corporations and universities. His success has come from his ability to assess individual needs, a no-nonsense approach to explanations, and a patience for working with both human and machine.


Introductory Consultation with Andy: $50/HOUR + followup emails

I offer in depth consultations via Skype, Facetime, or simple phone call for one hour, with followup and complete referrals and links for reference. If you are starting from the very beginning and want a clear, trustworthy plan of action, then sign up for a one hour consult with me.


Technical Infrastructure Work with Andy: $50/HOUR

Website and Hosting Troubleshooting, Implementation, and Setups are charged hourly, unless it is part of a project. I have experience with Wordpress, Squarespace, CSS, website scripts and plugins, newsletter services, and more. Just ask!

If I can't help you directly, then I will be glad to refer you to someone I trust.


Andy / Owner+Creative Director, Mobius Theory LLC

Andy / Owner+Creative Director, Mobius Theory LLC

Amanda / Social Media & Blogging Strategist, Author, Photographer

Amanda / Social Media & Blogging Strategist, Author, Photographer

Dexter / Human Resources Assistant

Dexter / Human Resources Assistant


Want To Work Together?

Send us a message if you want to get started on some ideas. We're happy to chat a bit before anything else happens. We want to make sure our collaboration will be a good fit!

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