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what is the conscious soul tarot?

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The Conscious Soul Tarot Deck is a tarot deck created and illustrated by B.C. Klazmer. This deck is faithfully reproduced on 80lb matte cardstock and printed to preserve the original form, color, and soul of the deck.

The cards measure 4.25” x 2.75” and are delivered in this wrapped ribbon inside a box along with a Conscious Soul Method manual.

There are 78 tarot cards in all, plus 2 informational cards. Included in this deck are the complete 4 suits (cups, staves, coins, and swords) along with the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.
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Mobius Theory proudly offers the Conscious Soul Tarot Deck, a beautiful tarot deck created and illustrated by B.C. Klazmer.

It is available in our online shop and can ship to the United States and Canada.


An introduction to the Conscious Soul Tarot

I have flashes of vague memories of being shown strange images on cards, possibly the Tarot, while sitting on my great-grandmother’s lap. Grandma Ita came from a long line of traveling musicians, the Klazmer’s, and narrowly escaped the Nazi’s in Romania, fleeing to Argentina and then the United States. During thunderstorms she would put an egg in a glass of water on a windowsill to keep us safe and she kept a cube of sugar between her teeth to keep life sweet.

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Or was it Nana’s lap, my mother’s grandmother, who took to the grave the secret of her adoption of my grandfather, the half Irish, half Jewish baby that somehow found its way to her home to be raised as her own. What other secrets did she keep?

I really don’t remember the first time I saw the Tarot. I’m not even really sure if it was in this lifetime. All I know, is that when I picked up a deck on a dear friends dresser top some years ago, I instantly recognized the images and format of the cards. It was like seeing old friends from early childhood, which is why I feel like one of my great-grandmother’s must have indoctrinated me at an age when I was just learning to speak.

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I suppose it doesn’t really matter. All that matters, is that these days the Tarot is a constant companion and spiritual guide who continues to challenge and stimulate my drive to seek the best life possible. The cards have become so familiar with me that even from early readings, I could feel the Tarot coercing me to create my own deck so that not only was the Tarot giving birth to a new me, but I, in turn, could give birth to the Tarot, a continuous cycle from Fool to the World, from the World to the Fool, and over and over like the Ouroboros, becoming one and the same in an infinite cycle of consciousness seeking consciousness.

Do you remember the first time you were introduced to the cards? Do you remember what it was like when you first looked at the cards? What you were thinking…feeling? What is your Tarot story?

-B.C. Klazmer

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The Tarot as a tool to find your path

Our future is always changing with every breath we take. At any given moment there are an infinite amount of paths that we could take; some paths are infinitely different from one another, while others are infinitesimally different with only minute variations.

While we have full power of free will to choose the paths that we go down, there still remains either one optimal path or a choice between a handful of optimal paths that are the best for us to travel on. But what is the best path to go down?

Sometimes, the best path is not always the easiest or enjoyable, at least according to the Tarot. In the eyes of the cards, the “best” path is defined as the path leads you to Self realization, enlightenment, and contentment, which is usually not a path lined with unicorns and cupcakes but instead, it is a path lined by devils and falling towers.

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You may have heard the story of how the Buddha became the Buddha. He was raised in a palace as a prince. He was given anything that he desired and was encouraged to indulge in every pleasure, the kind of life that many are envious of. However, because the Buddha, then known as Prince Gautama, had never known suffering of any kind, he had no reason to question reality or the nature of his existence. While a prince, Gautama had virtually no reason to seek the truth. In fact, it wasn’t until a chance encounter with a dead man outside of the palace walls on Gautama’s 29th Birthday did he begin his path towards the truth. He was 29 and didn’t even know that one day he would die. Most people know of the Buddha’s as a knower of the Truth, most however, do not know the level of ignorance that he came out of. In some ways, this is the most important aspect of the story; if he could find enlightenment, any one can!


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For Prince Gautama, the path to enlightenment would take years full of trials that would bring the prince face to face with demonic forces and death itself. In other words, his path was anything but rosy; it was the biggest challenge of his life.

The system of Tarot completely understands the way of this path. It understands that the lotus must grow out of the mud. It understands that enlightenment is not found while sitting on a cushion.

It’s easy to view the heavier cards of the Tarot, the Devil, the Tower, 10 of Swords, 3 of Swords, etc., as negative cards. However, in my experience with the Tarot, even though it is much more difficult and certainly not for everyone in this lifetime, the path lined with sorrow and suffering tends to bring people closer to the truth than Easy Street. So, with this perspective, the 3 of Swords becomes an even more positive card than say the 6 of Cups or 10 of Coins!

Remember, even when the heavier cards come out, the Tarot always wants the best for us. The Tarot is here to uplift us and bring us closer to our Souls and sometimes it does this by giving us the choice of being sent into the fray.

-B.C. Klazmer

The Tarot as a tool to becoming a respected leader

To me, my Tarot decks are living entities. Not only do they speak to me, but they are quite opinionated. And it’s just as well, because the Tarot is my go to spiritual guide and life coach, my therapist and confidante. In my opinion, the Tarot is the best of all of these occupations, the only guru that I can trust to never lie or be manipulative. The only guru I can trust to tell me the truth. Sometimes, those truths take a little digging and contemplating over, but, nevertheless, if not in the moment, at least in hindsight, I can always see how the Tarot is always trying to keep me either on the path or attempting to get me back on the path if I have strayed.

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Sure, sometimes I will pull some cards and the message seems vague or confusing, but that is because in that moment the Tarot wants me to use my brain and think.

Not only do each individual cards speak to me, but the deck as a whole has a voice. Hold your deck in silence. Can you hear the Tarot speaking to you? Is it telling you to pull some cards? Is it telling you how many and where to place them? Or is the Tarot telling you to hold off? I encounter this sometimes, you may too if you have been depending on the cards too much. The deck will actually tell you, “hey, not now, come back in a day or two.” I’ve even had the cards tell me to take a whole month off. There could be many reasons for this but I think the main reason is that just like any good teacher, the Tarot wants each of us to maintain a certain level of self reliance and autonomy. The Tarot is here to teach us how to think, not what to think.

Respectful readers will always listen to the cards. Respectful readers will always wait for an invitation to read the cards. I mean, you don’t just barge into someone’s home. No, you knock and wait for a reply. And just like any decent being, the more respect you give to the Tarot, the more the Tarot will respect you.

B.C. Klazmer

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The Conscious Soul Tarot and The Conscious Soul Method  Copyright © 2018-2021 B.C. Klazmer. The tarot deck is produced in collaboration with Mobius Theory.

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