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by Mobius Theory™


Welcome to Daily Planning in the year 2947.

Squadron Commanders have an extremely grueling schedule. They must perform at the highest efficiency in order to ensure vessels, equipment, and (most importantly) human lives, are kept safe.

What drives their amazing level of productivity?

They are not focused on productivity or lists, but rather balance. This is important because if Squadron Commanders are not hyper-focused on accomplishing many tasks in a given day, then you shouldn't be either.

That balance comes when you remember the more important aspects of life: feeling gratitude, cultivating relationships, learning new ideas, and simply enjoying all that life has to offer. 

Because these Commanders are balanced in their daily planning, they never lose site of the larger picture and can calmly work towards their daily goals with a great deal of confidence and avoid the shame and frustration that comes with traditional daily planners' imbalanced approach to productivity.


How to Use the Tactical Daily Planner


Tactical Daily Planner's 12 Details

If Squadron Commanders can realize they are only human, they why shouldn't you?

As you approach each day, you should be mindful of your own unique energy and mood. This requires an individual assessment each morning that will help guide you throughout the day.

Learn more about the 12 important details of Mobius Theory's Tactical Daily Planner below. Keep in mind that the order and content below is recommended, but our top Squadron Commanders can get quite creative with their interpretations of the details. In other words, there is no wrong way to use this planner!


Detail 1

Today's Theme

Meetings? Errands? Patrols? Creative Isolation? 

Commanders analyze each day as part of their morning ritual. The phrase here is a framework, but not a rule. 

Knowing the pace of the day can help prepare you. Sometimes this pace is not known until later in the morning, however. 

Detail 2

Today's Fictional Character

The arts play an instrumental part in Commanders' lives. Taken from your own vocabulary of characters in fiction, film, music, or games, this is your opportunity to assess your own mental and physical energy levels. 

Detail 3

Today's Gratitude

Early in the morning, before you set out on your adventure, it is important to note at least one thing you are grateful for. This will help ground you and keep you balanced as you face the day's challenges.

Detail 4

Today's Correspondence

Cultivating relationships with friends and family is important to our Commanders, as it keeps them from feeling isolated. New and old contacts, colleagues, and friends deserve the attention of at least a few minutes of written or verbal dialogue in the midst of your busy day. Plan on it!

Detail 5

Today's Date

For record keeping. 

Detail 6

Today's Focus

How this set of boxes is used is dependent on your energy levels and focus. Commanders use this area in one of three ways:


This functions as a clock, of sorts, and helps fine tune tasks to specific times of day, for example.

Primary Single Task

The larger box is one single, major concept to be worked on or accomplished, with supplemental tasks going in the smaller boxes above and below. 


This method will allow for a comprehensive, typical to-do list that can be accomplished or delegated.

Feel free to explore other methods!



Detail 7

Today's Halftime Report

Taking a cue from sports or training exercises, the mid-point of a day is not unlike a contest or match. When the action is paused, you can take a breather and look at how the day is going so far, and make relevant adjustments. 

If you aren't already taking a hard break in the middle of the day, then you need to start. Commanders break for at least one to two hours every day, regardless of their schedules. Not only does it provide for the time and freedom to make these halftime assessments, it's also good health!

Detail 8

Today's Secondary or Expanded Focus

Rockstar Mode

If after halftime you decide you can resume a certain level of productivity, then you will find this space useful for adding more projects and tasks. Check off the Rockstar Mode box to let yourself know that you have shifted into overdrive.

Or leave it unchecked and let yourself use this space for more assessments. Or ideas. More than one Commander has admitted to even using this space for doodling. Try it for yourself!

Detail 9

Today's Accomplishments

To help keep themselves motivated and sane, Commanders have found that it is as important to make note of positive accomplishments as it is to note criticisms. Making note of what was done well today will help you learn from that success and repeat it in the future.

Detail 10

Today's Room for Improvement

Minor or major, these notes are critical. Yet this field is small so as not to overwhelm you. Be brief and efficient, and move on.

Our Commanders don't dwell on mistakes, and neither should you. This is simply an opportunity to discern the progress made and plan for any relevant adjustments tomorrow.

Detail 11

Tonight's Gratitude

The day is coming to a close and the evening rituals are as important as the morning. Emphasizing the power of gratitude, we make sure to reflect on additional points at night. These notes can be something from the present day, the past, or a generalized notion. 

Detail 12

Tonight's Reflections

The game has come to a close, and it is time to assess the day, much like we did in the morning. What worked? What didn't work?

This detail is borrowed from the public end of day reports used by Squadron Commanders, and they feel it has helped them stay on topic and avoid emotional responses.

By pretending these comments are to be made public, Commanders using this planner are able to report a reflection that is honest yet confident, written in a tone that is encouraging and optimistic for tomorrow.

It is also a chance to focus on intentions for the night and the next day. Allow your dreams room to work!


A Commitment to Research and Experimentation

Mobius Theory is committed to seeking out bold new ideas that help shape and advance our lives. Sometimes this means tapping into a dormant imagination and heavily experimenting with our routines. Projects like the Tactical Daily Planner are just the beginning. Another current research project involves vastly experimental approaches to meditation. 

Our mission is to provide unique products and experiences that take us away from traditional and mundane expectations and delivers us towards a liberated imagination.