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NULLSPACE is an independent arts and culture magazine designed and published by Andy Torres + Mobius Theory in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

NULLSPACE features a wide range of artist-driven topics loosely bound in any given issue by a single theme. The magazine hopes to inspire the exploration of subjects that might not otherwise co-exist in traditional print and online media.

NULLSPACE: (a noun) is defined as a space that contains no points; an empty space.

As humans, we are programmed to fill those spaces with hobbies and interests to enrich and expand our lives. We are a complex collection of thoughts, practices, and hobbies and we fill our lives with these nuances, always. Our question is: why should we ever stop learning and gaining new knowledge? And what if this information was provided without judgment or hard-set rules, straight from the minds of people that have experienced vast enjoyment in their everyday lives?

NULLSPACE the magazine is not bound by a single-minded interest and leaves behind the toxicity of factions. No need to pick a side here. While each issue will have a common theme, this space serves as an exploration of all corners of a creative mind. We love fandoms. Fandoms introduce a space for like-minded individuals, but will often reach a point of “elite-ness” that pushes people away. We want to open conversations, explore the vast worlds of what we love the most, and create a space for new people to envelop themselves in. Now, more than ever, people need to come together without feeling the shame of having a different opinion. Each opinion opens a new avenue of creative thought and broadens not only that one specific view of the world but many different aspects of life. 

NULLSPACE represents the open-minded who are always willing to learn and grow their interests. Within these pages, you will find a wide spectrum of worlds to explore: art, city attractions, fashion, architecture, food, wine, movies, books, and music. There will be occasional spotlights of original art galleries and fiction that you’ll be among the first to view. Here you can feel free to skim each topic to gain insight into something new, or you can focus on what you already know that piques your interests. Our articles are not written from the perspective of professionals on the subject matter, but rather by people that have soaked up the energy of these topics and hobbies in their own time. They, along with the reader will always be learning and expanding their views.

NULLSPACE is a vast environment that strives to invoke discussion without the constant need to be on the defensive. The content within will serve as a gateway into our favorite topics in hopes that it will spark interest in new viewers and give seasoned viewers deeper insight into theirs. Community is important, and to expand it, we will continue to bring a variety of topics to the forefront without the added pressure of having to fall into a single, one-sided thought process. We look forward to guiding you through new and well-practiced interests. Get ready to explore our community and join us on the journeys ahead!

This magazine is for those disenchanted with the polarization found in most fandoms and online forums. The publication seeks to reintroduce wonder and exploration into our adult lives, going beyond our bubbles and our cynicism.

This magazine will be for those that are interested in (or willing to discover and become interested in) topics including but not limited to: Art, Fashion, Architecture, Food, Wine, Movies, Books, and anything else that we find interesting enough to share with you.

Our primary motivation for making a print magazine is as follows:

  • We believe most online interactions are poisoned and unsafe. Reading something physical in your own space or home has become as important as ever in light of this toxicity.
  • We want to allow for inspiration and exploration, and we feel it is important to routinely go beyond our bubbles to discover something new. The world has become so “search oriented” that it has become difficult to happen upon new material and inspiration and randomly come in contact with something we were not already familiar with. 
  • We have found far too many people have become negative and jaded. It has seemingly become more difficult to have a certain childlike wonder when sharing something fun or new without fear of it being criticized.
  • We believe “comments” have ruined our enjoyment of processing art and information, particularly in any online venue. Finding a single point of view has become more challenging because it is usually bogged down by distracting opinions.
  • We want to show what can come from Albuquerque and New Mexico. We believe that relevant, respected media doesn’t have to come exclusively from the largest American cities. The culture and artistic freedom in our state is strong and should be celebrated, and we believe it can hold its own against any form of art created in the world’s biggest cities.

The magazine is available online (see the link above!) and at select bookstores and coffeeshops around the country (see our current list above!)

Our plan is for the circulation of the debut issue to be at 500 copies, scaling to 1,000 copies should we reach our modest sponsorship/advertisement goals.

My goal is to produce 1-2 issues annually. The first issue will be published and distributed in Spring 2023.

We plan on offering limited advertising and our goal is for 1-2 anchor sponsor pages alongside several smaller spaces for artist-driven small businesses. 

More information will be posted on this website when we begin planning for issue #2.

Most content will only exist in print form inside the magazine. Some supplemental media will be shared via our Instagram account, on our YouTube channel, and on our Podcast Show (available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts). We also maintain a Discord server for our small but important community.

Nullspace Magazine is published by Andy Torres + The Mobius Theory Co. of New Mexico. All rights reserved.

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