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Branding & Visual Identity

Your brand's logo is your face. It should be exceptionally unique to you and the message you want to convey. For this reason, it is very difficult to pick a graphic designer based on portfolio.

Personality Goes A Long Way.

Getting to know your designer is the first step in deciding if that person or group should work with you. And the same works for us. We want to make sure that we are a great fit. Our process usually begins with a call or face-to-face meeting. We believe this is more effective than a complicated survey,

We like to work in a "package" format when discussing any kind of fundamental brand or design project. This means we help with everything from domain names, social media handles, and website services. We go over all this in our initial consultation.

Website Design

Your website is your home.

Your home may be a tiny house, or it may be a mansion on a corner lot. Or it could live out in the woods surrounded by nature. There is no wrong answer. The only constant should be that the house is recognizable as a house, and that it can be found easily. 

But that doesn't mean we can't experiment. 

We specialize in building ground-up sites with the Squarespace platform. We are gurus at Squarespace customization and are a part of the Developers Platform. What we also like about Squarespace, aside from its extremely powerful hosting platform, is the ability to hand off a site to a client after completion. We aim to empower you to understand what makes your own website work and to keep it updated, all without learning complex technology or having to rely on expensive tech people to do simple stuff.

We assist with setting up Google Analytics, blog structure, and social media connectivity. The way we work on websites typically includes blog setup, analytics, logo design and other website imagery assets.

There's common sense, and then there's generic templates. We believe in the former, and that drives our design more than sticking just your logo and content onto a few web pages.

Print & eBook Design

We have produced and published books that are then sold in PDF format, ePub, Kindle, and print books. The variety of options, and their pros and cons, can be overwhelming, so be sure you have a grasp on what you hope to accomplish before commencing any book project.

Whether it's a recipe book, worksheets for your course, or an opt-in for your mailing list, we can help. We can even do media kits.

Packages generally include cover and some promotional images. We are happy to talk about all these options, either via a quick chat, or by a more comprehensive consult (see below).

We also specialize in business cards, flyers & brochures. If it relates to your brand and is shown to the public, it is our job to make sure that image is kept clean and consistent across all media.

We also offer bundles that include affiliate ad assets and social media marketing images.

Every design project is unique, and prices always fluctuate based on scale and scope. We try to be flexible. We are happy to talk through any project for the best solution--even if it's a referral to someone else!


Andy / Owner+Creative Director, Mobius Theory LLC

Andy / Owner+Creative Director, Mobius Theory LLC

Amanda / Social Media & Blogging Strategist, Author, Photographer

Amanda / Social Media & Blogging Strategist, Author, Photographer

Dexter / Human Resources Assistant

Dexter / Human Resources Assistant

Want To Work Together?

We focus on a very limited number of clients at any given time, so space for new projects is very limited. We love to experiment and are excited to help on projects that need a fresh #mobiustheory approach to their brand's message.

Send us a message if you want to get started on some ideas. We're happy to chat a bit before anything else happens. We want to make sure our collaboration will be a good fit!

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