Fnoob Techno Radio (online radio show) 2013-present
Fnoob Techno Live Costa Rica (San Jose, Costa Rica) 2014
B2B Nights (Miami) 2014
Fold Theory vs. The World - Winter Music Conference (Miami) 2014
Tecropolis (Athens/Atlanta/Miami) 2011-2012
8e's Bar/9d's Bar (Athens) 2009-2012
WIRED (Athens) 2007-2011
Knock Knock Dance Party (Athens) 2010
Tartarus Radio (online radio show) 2010-2011
Summer Camp Music Festival (Atlanta) 2010
Little Kings (Athens) 2009-2010
Tasty World (Athens) 2008
Chapel (Athens) 2007-2008
Blur/New Earth Music Hall (Athens) 2007-2011
Cyberaver (Atlanta, various venues) 2011 (Atlanta, various events and venues) 2006-2010
ElectroHurtz (Atlanta, various venues) 2007-2010
Underworld (Atlanta, various venues) 2006-2007
Agoraphobia (Atlanta) 2007-2009
Odin Sessions (Athens) 2007-2009
Whirling Dervish (New Orleans) 2005-2006
WTUL New Orleans 91.5FM (broadcast radio show host) 2005
Denizens’ Lounge (New Orleans) 2004-2005


Creating a surreal atmosphere, where a dancer’s wildest dreams can come true, DJ andyredrum fuses eclectic dark techno with intricate progressive melodies. Feeding off the energy of the crowd, he seamlessly transcends from rhythm to rhythm, creating a ripple effect throughout any venue.

With a background in architecture, Andy’s approach to live sets is as methodical as designing space. Each track selection and transition he incorporates serve a purpose, and with his distinct approach to mixing, he ensures that there is never a gap in energy; he designs a vibrant space. 

Often described as a versatile DJ who spins techno, house, and tribal beats to create fluid mixes, DJ andyredrum has come a long way from his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Although Memphis is his current home, this nomadic underground DJ has played at clubs in Miami, Atlanta, & Costa Rica, held a residency for 3 years in Athens, and rocked the crowd at seasonal parties at venues such as Winter Music Conference, Masquerade, Jungle Club, Wetbar, The Mark, and The Quad. And while living in Athens, he performed annually at Wired Music Festival. He’s periodically played in New Orleans clubs and on the radio at WTUL 91.5FM. 

With great ambition and a flair for international sounds of techno, DJ andyredrum is currently hosting a 2-hour radio show on FNOOB Techno Radio ( Whether he’s spinning live or on the radio, he knows how to create an atmosphere for the crowd.

Equipped with a tantalizing creative energy, DJ andyredrum has a broad musical arsenal that will always keep the crowd thriving off the momentum of surprise. As a techno DJ, he captivates audiences and weaves magical moments that will have the crowd at the end of the night craving more.

I was once placed motionless by mechanical objectives once understood. Left with obscure shadows in moonlight, I was faithful to sound and movement. I am shadowed exclusive; the objective of my movements is to consolidate the increased passage of time created by machines. Masked by time, I can be found advancing the darkness, motions of a body recorded by shadows. They emerge from blind eyes, marching ahead of me, twenty times ahead of me; prayer becomes them, for death, an escape, cold sensations of metal against flesh under the dim moons. 

In this way, I found myself deep beneath ground level, in transit. It was not morning. I may have discovered the mechanical objectives that lay hidden below this scarred landscape. I found myself climbing a stairway to a level above subterranean, where ghosts drink blood indecisively. Asked to wait in a narrow cabin, I was to be summoned for an inclusive search for resources. That night became of cold and silence. Wise in action, perhaps, when running towards the exit in an effort to escape, but I was suddenly blocked by agents of compromise. 

Found among large objects traveling at high speeds, roaming, I was suddenly reduced of circumstance by the restless engagements of metal. Denied an eternal clause, I witnessed the rising of the canal through machines, the fulfillment of destiny. The scars remain, but I am, at times, still questioned, itself the root of complication in this place. Shadows blocked my vision and the rough concrete beneath me readily absorbed the blood that flowed from scarred fingers. It was not morning. Crawling, I managed to hear the rumble of movement that exists yet deeper into this dense rock. Could it have been?

I found and received temptation, where I suddenly saw no alternative to this life of immense vibration, to beauty and darkness, and I remain in awe and belief of the laughter of children on a cold September street. I remain in belief of romance and sound. I desire to remain in the context of absolute beauty, and regardless of its circumstances I will find a way to dwell inside this place. 

The senses return.